Alessandro Senato

Product Designer, UX Designer and Technologist

Looking for an in-house or remote job

  • I began my career in Italy as a Computer Engineer
  • Driven by a passion for tech and education, I founded my own company
  • For 8 years, I worked as Product Owner for my media-tech company
  • We managed projects for high-profile companies such as Calvin Klein and the Italian Space Agency
  • Working for startups in San Francisco, I developed my interest in UX Design
  • I spent the following 4 years as a UX Designer and digital nomad
  • Now I’m focused on User-Centered Design to create meaningful products

case studies

UX / UI and User Research projects

my design process

principles that guide my work

1. Empathize

I begin by thoroughly analyzing the project, the goals and the people involved to collect data and comprise the “first brick” of the house. For the house to be solid, the first brick must be well placed.

2. Define

After collecting as much data as possible, I analyze it and narrow it down in order to define a few clear insights to work with.

3. Design

I utilize my expertise developed over 15 years of experience with graphic design tools  to quickly digitize an approved idea. Being confident with modern prototyping platforms such as Figma, I can quickly bring sketches to life.

4. Test

In the final phase of my process, I take care to ensure the product hasn’t been designed in the confinement of an echo chamber of my ideas. Testing a design and gathering outside insight can reveal crucial mistakes a designer’s eyes didn’t want to see.

competency profile

the skill combination that makes me unique
UI Design (Figma)
Prototyping (Figma)
Data-Driven Design
User Research
Raster manipulation (Ps - Lr)
Motion Graphics (Ae)
Video Editing (Pr)

well-stocked design toolbox

I have mastered numerous design tools and have extensive experience in rapid prototyping from low to high fidelity.

I am well-versed with design principles from more than a decade of sketching, wireframing, prototyping, and presenting ideas.

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design thinker

My work is guided by Design Thinking, a structured process that involves several stages. It starts with deeply understanding user needs, then brainstorming creative solutions, and finally developing practical outcomes. This method involves collaborating with different experts, ensuring our designs are well-rounded and user-centered.

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technological vision

My strong science education, combined with an innate technological intuition, equips me with the keen awareness needed to grasp new technologies and the creative foresight to envision innovative products.

Asset 22

holistic point of view

My dual expertise in technology and design enhances my ability to smoothly integrate multidisciplinary teams. I act as a bridge, ensuring cohesive collaboration and effective communication between diverse groups, crucial for successful product design.


I have an insatiable appetite for technology.

I am driven by the evolution of ideas that has brought humans to the current state of science and technology.

Shaping products using technology is a natural inclination for me; technology is my native language.

what drives me

topics that spark my motivation

Interaction Design

Mobile Dev

Product Design

personality and stuff

last words
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work together

Team Facilitator

I have always had good teams to work with. I seek  to get the best out of each teammate.
My ideal state of mind is brainstorming; I love when two bad ideas give birth to the perfect idea.

entropy icon

Lower the Entropy!

I’m methodical, organized and disciplined.
Consistency is my first commandment.

Yes, I do rename Photoshop layers.

Talk to me

Honest and Straightforward

One personality trait I want to emphasize is that I am honest and straightforward, and I like others to be honest with me.
I am respectful and, as a result, I am punctual.



I was drawn to Barcelona because it’s a cultural hub for the world today. It’s where meaningful things happen, and I’m eager to expand my awareness and contribute to something impactful.