Alessandro Senato

Product Designer

Looking for an in-house job
Available to relocate

  • I quit Computer Engineering to start my own company
  • 8 years Product Designer for my media-tech company
  • We worked for Calvin Klein and the Italian Space Agency
  • 1 year UX Consultant in San Francisco for small startups
  • 4 years digital nomad as a UX and Web Designer
  • Now I’m focusing on User Centered Design to work on something impactful

latest UX use cases

projects that kept me busy recently
Smart home hub that adapt to the context you are in
Cerberus is a great app to chase your stolen phone
Food Delivery app
The most complete dictionary available become smarter

my design process

how do I work

1. Empathy

Thoroughly analyze the project, the objectives and the people involved, is the first brick of the house. For the house to be solid the first brick must be well placed.

2. Pencil

I’m sorry trees, but iterating on paper to define the backlog and give shape to ideas is still the method that saves the most time.

3. Design

Having worked for over 15 years with many graphic design tools, I have acquired the proficiency to quickly digitize an approved idea. Being comfortable with modern prototyping platforms like Figma, Adobe XD or InVision, I can rapidly bring sketches to life.

4. Echo chamber

The last iteration is meant to make sure you have not designed, confined in the echo chamber of your idea. Testing your design by seeking points of view different from your own, can reveal crucial mistakes that your eyes didn’t want to see.

competency profile

skill combination that makes me unique
Adobe XD
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere

stocked design toolbox

I master different design tools and I have an extensive experience in quick prototyping from low to high fidelity. I’m familiar with design principles because for many years I’ve been sketching, wireframing, prototyping and presenting ideas.

Asset 16

agile on agile

Agile is not a methodology, it is more a mindset to organize projects and manage them in a more flexible way. As Gustave Eiffel said: Solidity comes from flexibility rather than weight“.

Asset 14

technological vision

A good scientific education and my personal technological instinct give me the awareness to understand new technologies and the creativity to envision new products.

Asset 22

holistic point of view

My dual background on tech and design, allows me to have a bird-eye view on projects and to be the perfect middleman between developers and designers.

major projects

major organizations gave my team the honor of delivering their message
Roobia 3D Software
Awarded Physics simulations software
The first Educational Videogame of the Agency
Calvin Klein Fashion Show in Rome
Urban Installation System


I have an insatiable appetite for technology.

My drive is the idea of evolution that has made humans evolve to today’s state of the art.

Molding technology around products is a natural attitude for me, technology is my mother language.

excitement comes from

my engagement skyrockets on topics like

Interaction Design

Internet of Things

Artificial Intelligence

personality and stuff

last words
Created by popcornartsfrom the Noun Project
work together

Team Facilitator

I’ve always had good teams to work with. My role was to get the best out of every teammate.
My ideal state of mind is brainstorming; I love bad ideas that have sex and generate good ones.

entropy icon

Lower the Entropy!

I’m methodical, organized and disciplined.
Consistency is my first commandment.

Yes, I do rename Photoshop layers.

Talk to me

Honest and Straightforward

One trait of my personality that I want to emphasize is that I am honest and straightforward, and I like others to be honest with me.
I am respectful and, as a consequence, I am punctual.


Moving time

I’m moving all over Europe because today it’s a cultural hub for the world. It’s where meaningful things happen, and I’m eager expand my awareness and to contribute to something impactful.