Let’s leave aside the aesthetics, it’s not the most relevant aspect of Tesla’s Cybertruck, I don’t find it pleasant, but it’s just a matter of taste. On the contrary, I appreciate the proactiveness to try out new paths in design.
Proactiveness is certainly not something that Elon Musk lacks, he has invested in countless lines of research and development and some of these are reasonable. Solar energy and energy storage are definitely future-oriented investments, not to mention the Tesla patents release, laudable! It’s a pity that, at the moment, his money and effort haven’t brought great revolutions, either scientific, technological, cultural nor social.
Few of Elon Musk’s ideas have a true breath of the future. I don’t think he’s the best person to ask when you want to know something about the future, I’d try with people like Ray Kurzweil, Yuval Harari, Bill Gates or Google’s folks.

Although the design of the Cybertruck, as well as its name, definitely betray the will to position itself as the car of the future in the collective imagination, in my opinion, this newborn vehicle is the synthesis of a part of humanity that wants to remain anchored in the past. The Cybertruck presents itself as the future but is was born old.

Among the most publicized features of this new vehicle is its bulletproof skill. Leaving aside that Tesla should spend more time rehearsing their public presentations, and let’s not mention the daunting aspect of the US bullet culture, building a bulletproof car in 2019 means that we are still tied to the world we are about to leave behind. In the near future, it won’t be bullets that hurt, it will be cyber attacks. Today, among the biggest disasters to the planet were the infiltrations of fake news in social networks that helped the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States. The future of the crime is the theft of bitcoins, the fraud on blockchain or deception of biometric surveillance systems. We will see fewer and fewer bullets in the future. If you want to hurt someone you will disconnect him from the cloud, you will not shoot him with a firearm. Advertising a car as bulletproof is one of the most anachronistic things I’ve seen recently in the tech industry. It would have been a catchy idea in the 1800s Far West, in the Italy of the mafia’s murders or in Nairobi in the 90s.

But the aspect that more than any other links the Cybertruck to the past is that it needs a human being to be driven.
Fully autonomous level 5 cars are around the corner, in 2020 the major manufacturers promised to release their first models, and this will bring such a revolution in the world of transport, that private ownership of cars will no longer make sense.
The means of transport will mostly be owned by private or public companies that will rent them as a service to citizens. For our commute, it will be enough to plan the starting point where an autonomous vehicle will come to pick us up, and the arrival point where it will leave us before continuing with its service to other people. Autonomously. The interior of the vehicles will be more like a room with chairs and a table where we can work while reaching our workplace.
If we were to go to see a show, probably the theater will provide van service to come and pick people up at home and bring them back at the end of the show, calculating the journey time, including traffic and unexpected events.

Needless to say, the costs of a transport service like this are much lower than those of owning your vehicle. The costs of purchase, maintenance, fuel, crashes, insurance, etc. will disappear. We will forget about parking problems, as well as drastically reducing the number of cars on the streets.
This is not going happen in 20-30 years, it will happen in less than 10 years (public estimate, my private estimate is more optimistic) and it will spread quickly from the centers to the provinces, not because it’s cool, but because it is dramatically cost-effective for everyone.

In conclusion, one of the most depressing things about this product, which unfortunately will sell a lot, is the Alpha Pride of which the Cybertruck is dripping. It’s a culture, unfortunately purely masculine, that is still fed by products like this. The “alleged” resistance of the glass to bullets, the hammering at the door seen at the presentation, the public arm wrestling with the rival by Ford in front of the Twitter camera, are all features that result sexy to the eye of an alpha male with the typical insecurities of an SPS that needs a exo-dick to impress the audience.