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You're right, a person is much more than a CV



I grew up with a tech-savvy father, but “tech” for his generation meant mechanics, not computers. He used to fix and improve furniture and home appliances and this idea of improving what’s around me drove me since the beginning.

It’s Evolution that fascinates me tremendously and today this idea is intrinsic in technology that runs exponentially towards something we don’t know yet.

I can say I understand technology. I know what it can do and what it can’t (yet), when it’s wise to use it and when it’s not.

Technology is the 4th epoch* of evolution of the universe, the epoch in which an intelligent species develops the tools to extend its reach. Those tools will allow the human species to make the paradigm shift to the 5th epoch

*from: The singularity is near – Ray Kurzweil



Politics is the way we fight human weaknesses. To be able to live together, we need rules to counter human self-interest and methodical organization to face the complexity of today’s society.

I’ve been actively involved in politics few years ago. I was one of the founder (I founded the regional section) of the political party now ruling my country, but I left it when I realized it was drifting towards ideas I didn’t like.

Political activism should be in everybody’s life experience. It teaches you to live for the interest of a community rather than for your own exclusive interest.

Despite the appearance, we’re are living in the best time ever concerning politics, world peace and human rights, but we still need to improve.
I think politics is the only thing that could make the difference between reaching an era of abundance or destroy ourselves.


Artificial Intelligence

Lately I’m getting interested in what they call Technological Singularity. Artificial intelligence will be the core of this exponential development and I’m thrilled by this perspective.

Other than waiting to be amazed by the technological advancements in every field from Nanotech, to Biotech, Energy, Communication, Medicine or Finance, I’m interested in the philosophical end ethical implications that AI will have soon. Few questions are in my mind waiting to be answered.

  • Will AI ever be conscious?
  • What will be its goals?
  • Will they be compatible with ours?

I’m studying and reading everything I can about this topic because I’m writing a novel trying to speculate on what a conscious AI will do.

Besides, I’m interested in understanding the implications the Singularity will have on Democracy, jobs, human longevity or human machine merging and transcendence.



I would say Education is the only silver bullet to fix most of the problems we have as global society.

Humans have branched to a level higher than other animals thanks to our ability to reason and make reasoning prevail on instinct. Education is the tool that allows us to reach that ability and the more we are educated, the stronger that ability will be.

Acting for the good of the community we live in,  rather than for our only good, is a sophistication we achieve only if educated and deeply aware of the world.

I got engaged in education when I realized this. My professional commitment of the last 10 years was on improving education with technology.

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