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My portfolio as Product Designer grew in Dynematica, the agency I founded

My portfolio as Product Owner grew in Dynematica, the agency I founded


Awarded Physics Simulation Software


The first Educational Game of the Italian Space Agency


Urban Installation system for Fashion Shows

Bronzi Commercial

Nationwide TV Commercial

some of the agency's clients

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Educational Software

 Educational simulations – Project Type

School Districts – Client

2009 – Year

Product Designer – My job

2 3d Artists, 2 developers – Team

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2D motion

my contribution

I conceptualize the whole product. I was the Product Owner and I designed the User Experience

Interaction Design for Roobia 3D


UI - Command panel placement

The main command panels were placed on the border of the UI so the teacher could stay on the side of the whiteboard without blocking the view to the students

UI - Special button interaction

The interactions to change a variable value was designed to simplify and make more intuitive the use of the software on an Interactive whiteboard


Home made Interactive Whiteboard

The Nintendo Wiimote allows you to be creative. For the in-house software testing, we built a homemade Interactive Whiteboard by using the Wiimote controller, a projector and a self-assembled infrared pen
schermata iniziale e finale video promo


Educational Videogame

Project Type – VideoGame

Client – Italian Space Agency

Year – 2012

My job – Product Designer

Team – 2 3d Artists, 3 developers

DAMALAB was an exciting project we developed together with the Italian Space Agency. They needed to find the way to talk to primary school students about space and about what’s their job and their relationship with NASA. We proposed to use a videogame for the purpose.

my contribution

Lead Game designer and the Interaction designer

Sketch and project of the ISS

Together with the Italian Space Agency, we designed a 3D model of the whole International Space Station to be able to show kids how astronaut’s life is in space.

Projection mapping for art, entertainment and urban installations

Notte Piccante was a city festival where we created 3 urban installations to celebrate some of the architectural treasures of Catanzaro

Notte Piccante

Projection Mapping

Proj Type – 3 Urban Installations

Client – Catanzaro Municipality

Year – 2012

My job – Product Designer

Team – 3 devs, 2 3D Artists

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3 Installations

Statue speech bubble

With Interactive Architecture we made the stunning statue of “Il cavatore” deliver messages from the people through a speech balloon. People could text the statue and it would deliver their thoughts to the rest of the city.

Speaking statues

Facial Mapping experiment was made on the statue of Francesco Stocco, an Italian general. We projected a speaking face on the statue’s face to make it look like he was telling his own story to the people passing by.

Wall games

A Wall game was created to bring attention to a precious ancient building of the city, Palazzo Doria. We created a 3D version of the facade of the building on which we developed a videogame based on the geometry of the facade.

my contribution

After some research on the Projection Mapping technique, I found a way to make projections Interactive with the Nintendo Wiimote controller.
I designed the Muraviglia product and we started to make the experiments you see here​

Calvin Klein Swimwear asked us to decorate the huge Tevere river bank under which they were about to present their new swimsuit collection in Rome. We created few organic animations with the Calvin Klein logo and a small game projected on the wall to entertain their guests before and after the show.

Calvin Klein

Projection Mapping

Project Type – Art Installation

Client – Calvin Klein

Year – 2012

My job – Product Designer

Team – 2 3d Artists, 1 dev

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Technology used in Muraviglia

Giant sensor bar

Two big lamps emitting in the infrared spectrum, became a huge sensor bar that Wiimote controllers were able to see at a significant distance

Giant Sensor bar
Self built infrared lamps

Wiimote Controller

We wrote a small API to map the controller coordinates system on the PC screen. Then we used them in  Unity3D

Christie Projectors

Christie 25k projectors have been used to light the huge walls of the buildings
Fabric simulation

3D Production tools

Lightwave 3D and Unity3D were the platforms used to develop the software and the assets.


The Bronzi di Riace are two famous statues found underwater in the south of italy in the early 70s. The statues date back to 450 b.c. and belong the the Hellenic period. They represent an incredible example of the sculptural art of the ancient Hellenic artists.

Bronzi di riace

National Tourism Campaign

Project Type – TV Commercial

Client – Calabria Regional Admin

Year – 2011

My job – Product Designer

Team – 2 3D Artists, external team

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with our immense surprise, it was everywhere
The campaign had resonance in the national press

Failed projects

Interior design navigation

Architecture firms

The system we built was meant to allow home buyers to navigate and customize their house based on the house-plan alone

Anniversary Exhibition

Callipo Industry

It was supposed to be an itinerant exhibition for a big company that produces Tuna fish. We proposed a Tuna-can-shaped structure hosting three exhibition areas for Past, Present and Future of the company


Interactive Shop windows

Metropolis commercial center

We developed a prototype for interactive shop windows for street-level stores. The system would have offered services, information or catchy entertainment for people passing by the window

Gamification of Military training procedures


A company who build military equipment asked us to develop a gamified digital version of their training material for soldiers and technicians