Agile Methodology

Agile Methodology is not a methodology, is more a mindset to organize projects and manage them more flexibly.  I like to use this quote when I talk about Agile

Solidness comes from flexibility rather than from weight
Gustav Eiffel

Agile takes the best from both approaches

I’m Italian and I worked with both italians and non italians. I can say that working in my country teaches you the importance of discipline and rules in order not to fail your goals. But at the same time you can learn from italians how adaptability to new conditions is a key component to achieve satisfaction.

I mainly use SCRUM, but I don’t dislike KANBAN.
I also have a favorite tool for Agile management.


Paper Prototyping

The first spark of an idea use to be noted on a napkin in the bar you are having breakfast at.

Actually also the second spark should be noted on paper, but this time you need to give it a little more structure. Paper prototyping is the most efficient way to do so.

We can get our hands dirty with coding only after we tested if our idea make sense also in others head

Wireframing and Mockup

I’m able to quickly draft a wireframe of a project

High on life
This is an actual mockup we are working on

I use different tools, depending on the goal, on the time and on the resources



“Entropy can be defined as the measure of randomness in a system”

One of the fundamental law of our universe is:

In an isolated system Entropy increases indefinitely to its maximum

This means that whatever system without forces to shape it and control it, tends to the chaos.

Humans became the controllers of the planet thanks to their ability to organize the forces of nature at their own will.

A car, software or a nation are nothing more than natural forces organized.