Technology is clay

Molding technology around products is a natural attitude for me, technology is my mother language. But this attitude includes the ability to understand when technology is not needed to reach the goal

Holistic view

My academic studies and my youth jobs were in the IT field, while my adult job is focused on communication and design. Thanks to my dual background I can fit well in projects that require mediation between IT and design teams


I do rename photoshop layers

I’m methodical. As the project grows the importance of organization grows as well, especially when you are a gear of a bigger machine

Listen first

To be able to have an impact we need to solve problems that others have, not problems we think others have. DT start from listening and iterate on specific phases to the goal

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According to the MBTI

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

my personality is 

Logic Oriented


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It’s just a small questionnaire, but it’s a place to start

board of personality 6

in case you want to go even deeper

the followings frame my personality with good approximation

People with the Logician personality type, view the world as a big, complex machine, and recognize that as with any machine, all parts are interrelated. Logicians excel in analyzing these connections, seeing how seemingly unrelated factors tie in with each other in ways that bewilder most other personality types.

These connections are the product of an unrelenting imagination – Logicians’ ideas may seem counter-intuitive at a glance, and may never even see the light of day, but they will always prove remarkable innovations.

Logicians couldn’t make these connections if they thought they knew it all – they are highly receptive to alternate theories, so long as they’re supported by logic and facts. In more subjective matters like social norms and traditions, Logicians are usually fairly liberal, with a “none of my business” sort of attitude – peoples’ ideas are what matter.

When a new idea piques their interest, Logicians can be very enthusiastic – they are a reserved personality type, but if another person shares an interest, they can be downright excited about discussing it. More likely though, the only outward evidence of this enthusiasm will be Logicians’ silent pacing or their staring into the distance.

Logicians’ analysis, creativity and open-mindedness aren’t the tools of some quest for ideology or emotional validation. Rather, it’s as though people with the Logician personality type are a conduit for the truths around them, so far as they can be expressed, and they are proud of this role as theoretical mediator.

To know one thing and say another would be terribly disingenuous – Logicians don’t often go around intentionally hurting feelings, but they believe that the truth is the most important factor, and they expect that to be appreciated and reciprocated.