Slide read more USER
• Lack of understanding of my habits
• IoT apps are hard to navigate
• Dashboard is not very customizable
1. Control - House critical parameters
2. Smartness - Task automation
3. Security - House systems health
User priorities Pain points direct interview
Users need different controls over their house, depending on where they are. Homio's Dashboard senses where the user is located, and adapts showing the right controls
Behaviour Needs Pain Points The persona wakes up and starts to perform the usual morning tasks. S/he will be sleepy and will perform all the tasks in “auto-pilot”, like s/he is in a state of semi-consciousness • Wake up smoothly
• Morning repetitive tasks
• News and general info + commute info
• Get ready to go to work
Lack of automation in morning repetitive tasks. Dashboard with relevant informations is missing
Behaviour Needs Pain Points S/he will take the car or some public transportation and spend, from few minutes to an hour, to reach the workplace • Know the transportation status (like traffic or strikes)
• Know the weather
• Prepare something entertaining to listen along the journey
Dashboard with relevant information for commute is needed
Behaviour Needs Pain Points The persona wants to discharge the tension of a work day. S/he relaxes, washes up and gets ready for a relaxing afternoon of leisure or jus to do some errands • Check kids behaviour and needs
• Have a warm bath or a shower
• Check the status of a personal hobby
App doesn’t understand the right time to display the information I need
Behaviour Needs Pain Points The persona starts working on a personal project or pursue an hobby (reading, DYI, sport) • Check the status of Family members
• Check the status of the house
• Check the status of some hobby
Lack of multipurpose monitoring sensors to monitor non standard devices
Behaviour Needs Pain Points The persona will prepare to smoothly fall asleep. Warming up a cup of tea and deciding what to watch on Netflix • Overview of the TV schedule or Netflix new episodes
• Be sure the house systems are in good condition for the night
No app shows the right information at the right time of the day

at home I bet you have different needs when you are at work I bet you have different needs when you are travelling I bet you have different needs when you are
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Slide Cerberus is a great app for security and control of mobile devices. It comes with tons of useful features, but with a poor User experience so I redesigned it

Slide Phone Hooked! not connected Now you are remotely in control of your phone functions REORGANIZED

Slide phone stolen? All the functions have been organized by type for a faster and more intuitive access Functions Organized Try the Emergency Mode

Slide The Emergency mode is not available in the app, I tried to rearrange the existing functions to give the user more dexterity in the chase of the thief Emergency Mode

current Cerberus UI

More than aesthetic improvements I reorganized the functions because they were accessible through a long uncategorized textual list.

Layer 2

All the functions are only accessible through a long dropdown menu with no categorization


Just Eat is a popular food delivery app. I tried to redesign and optimize the UX

current Just Eat UI
Other than give it an appearance less spartan and austere, I think we can optimize the information flow by saving some user interaction.
The typical use of food delivery app is from home or from few known places, than we can save the user the first clicks assuming he/she is in the last known place and ask What you’re up to?
I also added the possibility to specify who ordered what in a group of friends (the most common use case), so everybody can easily know their money contribution to the total

my revision

2 - places list
3 - place page
4 - checkout

my revision


right after I used Just Eat UI for this example, they updated their UI. I’m happy to see they fixed the Information flow in the same way I suggested in my personal redesign of their UI