Good job Dems.
Keep clinging to power and perpetuate the tragedy once again. Trump will destroy the nothingness of Joe Biden and you know it.
The Buttigieg / Klobuchar move has been there since the beginning with the only aim to thwart Sanders, because your worst nightmare is someone cutting you off from the reins of power over US. Who cares if Trump wins again, who cares about the rest, right Dems?
Who cares about the Climate Emergency, about the nuclear button in the hands of a bully, the massacre of the Kurds or the Syrians, the international peace being ripped off piece by piece, or about poor Americans getting poorer.
Who cares, right Dems? You only want to stick to power, no matter how, no matter the cost. Right, Dems?

Isn’t it ironic, Dems? America just awarded a movie about a family that clung to its host until they both ended devastated. So I guess now you’ve learned the definition for an organism that clings to something “until death”. It’s Parasite, Dems.